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XMX is a corporation of composed and even-tempered people who gathered together for having fun from the game. The main wealth of its corporation is a healthy climate and mutual trust in its team. New members are admitted to the corporation after a probation period only, taking psychological compatibility with the team into account, and this is the reason it's always warm and cosy. If someone wants to join this corporation, he should be friendly and open in the first place. It's not skills or standings that make them friends.

It's alien to XMX to oblige its members to any kind of activity. The motto is "Freedom among the stars". But if a friend is calling for help, can you just stand aside? And surely, many people themselves want to work for the common good, so common operations aren't rare at all.

XMX doesn't like war. A vast universe has many things of interest besides war. However, defending its home, it'll fight to the last shuttle. And a tiny bit more.

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