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EVE: Odyssey is the 19th official expansion of the space simulation series, developed and published by CCP Games. This expansion adds plenty of new features for players across all spectrums of the game, by adding new missions, challenges, services, as well as offering some new balancing to the game. Plenty of changes await in the expansion, so take a look at the guide below to see exactly what to expect in space!

Dynamic Travel Transitions
Intergalactic transitions during player voyages have been revamped, with transitions from one state to another being completely re-imagined to create a more fluid line of travel. Jump gates have been updates, remolded environments and optimized lighting for station hangers, and new pod and death transitions follow player decisions while aboard their ship.

Dual Character Training
Dual Character Training is a new feature to Odyssey which allows for the simulations play between main and alternate accounts. This account service allows you to activate passive skill training for a second character on your account. The feature can be accessed by Account Management, as well as the in-game context menu for PLEX. This feature allows training for up to two characters at once, making it much easier to spend time across multiple characters.

Exploration Career Missions / Site Challenges
Players will be outfitted with new tools and technology that can be used to secure treasures in space. Space can reveal plenty of hidden treasures, whether you stumble across some anicent relics or remnants of a long forgotten civilization. Players can earn the right to usurp these treasures through brand new Exploration Site Challenges. Players can expect to face time limits, decay, enemy hostiles, and more while they attempt to leave the site with the treasures secures.

Navy Battlecruisers
The four factions of Eve have created a brand new line of Navy battlecruisers. To reward those in faithful service to their faction. These new ships are available exclusively through High Sec and factional Warfare Loyalty point stores. The Navy Issue Harbinger provides an enhanced energy turret tracking software, the Navy Issue Drake shifts focus to flexibility and mobility. The Navy Issue Brutiz is more refined, with an additional low slot and improved maneuverability, and the Fleet Issue Hurricane sports additional slots and mobility, reinforcing it's dominant force.

Visuals and Spacescape
The capital ships of the game have a new veneer applied to their surface, bringing forth a more modern tech and standard. The Amar Apocalypse has been re-imagined as well, taking the look of the classic battleship to a whole new level. Along with these visual overhauls, a rebalance of major areas of space from High Sec to Null Sec include changes in exploration sites, industrital resources, NPC types, and loot opportunities. New resource harvesters come with a modified ore value distribution, ice belt discoveries, and reseeding of moon materials.

Other New Features
The slew of new features in Odyssey rounds out with new Null Sec Outpost services, including an improvement in manufacturing capacity. All starships have also been equipped with a new sleek, navigation interface. Faction shipyards have applied new balancing to Navy frigates, cruisers, and battleships. Starbases have been revamped with fixes, new features, and new functionality to better support players. The shared EVE storyline will be continued, with events following the Battle of Caldari Prime. Players can also trade security tags obtained from pirate faction kills to boost their security status.

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