All of the following concerns Alpha characters flying in Highsec unless otherwise noted.

PvE fitting basics[edit | edit source]

Gank[edit | edit source]

  • Use long range weapon systems: drones, missiles, railguns, artillery. Range doubles as tank and you won't waste time moving between targets. PvE preferred weapons are missiles and drones for their selectable damage types, no capacitor use and immunity to tracking disruption.
  • Use weapons of same size and type so that you have one common optimal range, falloff and tracking. Fill all available turret/launcher slots. Use weapons appropriate to the ship type you're flying(i.e. don't put lasers on a Thorax with bonuses to hybrid weapons) - that includes size. Use meta 4(best Tech 1) or meta 5(Tech 2) weapons.
  • As a rule of thumb, use the most damaging ammo type you can: multifrequency for lasers, antimatter for railguns, and EMP/phased plasma/fusion for projectiles. The faster you kill enemies the better. Don't worry about range penalties - even when using the most range-limiting ammunition you will still outrange(or at least match in range) most NPC enemies.
  • Learn the weaknesses of enemies you will be fighting against and select your ammo/drone type appropiately if possilbe. If you don't know what enemies you will face in the mission, consult Eve Survival Guide or UniWiki. When using drones, kill enemies from smallest to largest; when using other weapon systems, kill enemies from largest to smallest.

Tank[edit | edit source]

  • Barring few very specific fits in PvE you rely on active tanking using either Shield Boosters or Armor Repairers. Armor Repairers always match the ship size; Shield Boosters are sometimes "upsized" i.e. by putting Large rather than Medium Shield Booster on a Battlecruiser.
  • At this point the in-game fitting tool will shout at you that your ship is not cap stable. This is normal and you should NOT try and make it cap stable. You will not run all modules on your ship all the time and you're usually going to fight enemies one group at a time. Few minutes of cap time is enough.
  • Learn what damage types enemies deal in missions and fit appropiate resists on mission per mission basis. If you don't know what enemies you will face in the mission, consult Eve Survival Guide or UniWiki. Omnitanking(increasing all your resists equally) is not impossible, but fitting for two specific damage types is always both easier and more effective.
  • For Armor, the resist modules you're interested in are Energized Membranes(passive), Armor Hardeners(active) and the Damage Control. For Shield, the resist modules you're interested in are Shield Amplifiers(passive) and Shield Hardeners(active) Because of stacking penalties try to avoid having more than two modules affecting the same resist.

Utility[edit | edit source]

  • Damage modules: Drone Damage Amplifiers, Ballistic Control Systems, Gyrostabilizers, Heat Sinks and Magnetic Field Stabilizers. These increase the damage of your weapons, which is always desirable. Unlike resist modules, damage modules stack additively so fitting two is the norm and you should always go for three if you have fitting space.
  • Propulsion: whether moving between groups of enemies, to acceleration gates, or just controlling range it's good to have a propulsion mod. Microwarpdrives are very fast but they are very capacitor hungry and lower your capacitor just by having them fitted. Afterburners are easier to fit and less cap intensive but also slower.
  • Application: Tracking Computers/Enhancers and Ballistic Guidance Computers/Enhancers. The latter are far more important, as you can maximize turret application with range(longer range = lower angular velocity = tracking becomes unimportant) If you're using anything bigger than light missiles/rockets, you want have at least one application module on. Explosion radius is far more important in PvE than explosion velocity.
  • Other: Capacitor Batteries help offset penalty for fitting Microwarpdrives and give you a bit of energy neutralizing resistance as well as overall capacitor. Sensor Boosters function as counter to two different types of EWAR(ECM and sensor dampening) and also help you lock targets faster and from further away.

Rigs[edit | edit source]

Rigs cannot be swapped at will like modules so make sure to put in rigs that will always be useful for the ship. A simple way utilize rigs is to use them to plug "holes" in your resists. For example shields have lowest EM and Thermal resists, so put EM and Thermal rigs on your ship. Capacitor Control Ciruits help your capacitor, and missile application rigs are always useful on missile ships.

Combat PvE[edit | edit source]

Missions[edit | edit source]

Infinitely repeatable "quests" from Agents. Come in five levels, with level 5 only available in lowsec. As a rule of thumb level 1 missions require frigates, level 2 cruisers, level 3 battlecruisers, and level 4 battleships. Missions usually feature deadspace/acceleration gates and may have ship size restrictions.

Combat Anomalies[edit | edit source]

Randomly spawn in every system, listed in the Probe Scanner but they don't require any scanning and can be warped to instantly. They don't feature deadspace/acceleration gates. Highsec only spawns up to "Den" type which contains up to Cruiser sized enemies. They have a chance to spawn a faction enemy at the end and/or "escalate" to a Combat Signature site that you don't have to scan down, and neither will it be scannable by other players.

Combat Signatures[edit | edit source]

These need to be scanned down(or found as escalations from anomalies) and feature deadspace/acceleration gates. Come in DED rated and unrated variants but the practical difference between the two is minimal. They have ship size restrictions and better loot than anomalies. Depending on type in Highsec they feature up to Battlecruiser sized enemies and can escalate again to even bigger site(usually in lowsec) when finished.

Ratting[edit | edit source]

Ratting is the simple act of warping to an asteroid belt or combat anomaly and killing enemies(rats) there. Note that when people talk about ratting as a source of income they talk about nullsec ratting. Highsec belt rats/anomalies are too small and ratting in lowsec is generally too dangerous to bother with.

Incursions[edit | edit source]

EVE's equivalent of "raids" from Theme Park MMORPGs. Incursions are a high end PvE content designed around fleets that require high skills and well fit Battleships and are more or less out of reach of Alpha pilots.

Non-combat PvE[edit | edit source]

Exploration[edit | edit source]

Exploration is flying around the galaxy checking systems for Relic/Data/Ghost sites. Your go-to ship for this is your race's exploration frigate(Magnate/Heron/Imicus/Probe) While Relic and Data sites contain no dangers and you are only competing with the hacking minigame and other plyers who may scan the site and hack the cans before you, Ghost sites are on a timer and you should not try to hack more than two cans unless you're really good/fast.

Mining[edit | edit source]

The only mining ship Alpha characters can fly is the Venture. Don't forget to tank it - the three mid slots easily fit two medium shield extenders and an Adaptive Invulnerability Field. Also, orbiting whatever you're mining costs you nothing and will always throw potential gankers off.

Note that it is possible for Alpha characters to mine in a battleship, either Apocalypse or Rokh. 8 turret slots means 8 mining lasers, so even without a mining bonus you're way ahead of the Venture in m3/s. The problem is cargo space - you basically have to fit all your low slots and possibly even rigs with cargohold expanders/cargohold optimizations to reach/exceed Venture's natural 5k ore hold.

Distribution Missions[edit | edit source]

Distribution missions are good for one thing - quickly gaining standings with a particular NPC corporation. Level 1/2 distribution missions take only few minutes to run and can all be easily done with the exploration frigate with a cargohold expander or two. This way you can get a storyline mission every 30-40 minutes.

Hauling[edit | edit source]

Moving your(or someone else's) stuff around in space for whatever reason. For Alpha pilots large scale hauling will be done almost exclusively with your faction's "fast" industrial - Sigil/Badger/Nereus/Wreathe. These have decent HP for a hauler and enough powergrid to fit two large shield extenders(almost three in case of the Sigil)

For small scale hauling use a Shuttle or your faction's tackle frigate(Executioner/Condor/Atron/Slasher) with a fit that lets it warp in less than two seconds.

Salvaging[edit | edit source]

Salvaging needs wrecks, so the question is where do you get them from. Generally speaking only level 4 missions are worth your time to salvage. You can also join the Pro Synergy corporation which does salvaging for other people. The ship for salvaging is again the exporation frigate as it comes with a salvaging bonus. Use the Mobile Tractor Unit to gather the wrecks together.

Mining missions[edit | edit source]

I will not say anything about mining missions because they don't seem to have any practical use at all, especially for Alpha characters.

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