True Slaves make up a large portion of Sansha's Nation inhabitants. Created by Sansha Kuvakei, True Slaves fill various roles, from custodial and other menial labors to serving in navy. They come primarily from abducted populations, which are then implanted with Slave Implants. These implants are highly advanced cybernetic control systems that completely controls the will of those who have been implanted. They completely obey and follow Sansha Kuvakei and his loyal commanders leadership.

True Slaves, unlike True Citizens, have no will of their own and are often described by foreigners as “mindless”. However, individuals can show varying degrees of personality and freedom, depending on their personal view towards the Nation and task. Scouts known for approaching settlements and offering surrender terms have often appear much as they did before being implanted with implants and retain a high degree of individuality. The commanders of Sansha's fleets are allowed to retain their creativity and decision-making skills, in order to react to the rapidly changing conditions of the battlefield.

Most True Slaves are kept in a hive-mind which constantly feeds data between Sansha's central command and individual slaves. This is referred as a direct feed, as everything the True Slaves experience is sent back for analysis. Additionally, instructions can be broadcast to the True Slaves, which they are compelled to follow.

It is extremely difficult to remove Slave Implants once they have been installed. After a certain time has passed, which varies from person to person, a True Slave's individuality becomes broken in such a way that psychological recovery from the process is nearly irreversible which True Slaves will only desire death, either in service of Sansha or by suicide.

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