True Citizen are individuals who have joined Sansha's Nation willingly and are allowed to retain their individuality and personalities. Many have been fitted with modified Slave Implants which link them to the same hive mind as the True Slaves. The primary purpose of their implants is to boost the users' mental faculties and facilitate greater cooperation and understanding between citizens.

True Citizens are typically scientists, researchers, philosophers, and other intellectuals who believe in Sansha's utopian vision. True Citizens work together to improve the Nation's technology and advance its goals. Many of Sansha's most trusted battlefield commanders are, also, True Citizens in order to strengthen the military forces of the Nation and have control over True Slaves, but commanders' control is limited only by Sansha himself.

Rarely, Sansha targets specific members of society for integration into the Nation, exerting additional control over them through the Slave Implants. If a True Citizen has disloyal thoughts or attempts to commit treason or an act against the Nation's interests, the implants that the individuals are fitted with can be used to bring them back into line. However, this can result in psychological damage and loss of individuality and creativity to the potential defector. Depending on the citizen's worth to the Nation, this may end with them being converted into a True Slave.

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