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The The Syndicate, also known The Intaki Syndicate, is an independent state on the borders of the Federation. Its a haven for all of the undesirable elements of society without being too rough and tough. The Syndicate have fostered their role of mediators between merchants from the empires and the outer regions, which makes trading with Syndicate space brisk.


Denied the right to colonize planets in the region, the Syndicate instead operates exclusively from its network of autonomous stations, each of which is run by a station manager who is undisputed master of his or her own station, but they cooperate on security and information issues. The Syndicate main headquarters is P station

Currently the de-facto leader of the Syndicate is Silphy en Diabel which has turned out to be just as resourceful and ruthless as her late father and leader Dorn en Diabel.


The Syndicate wants their space to be relatively trouble-free, so as to encourage people to visit and spend their money. With empire policing infrequent, they employ their own police force known as the Intaki to enforce the peace. Though Syndicate space is considered a pirate haven, but still retains enough civility to allow pretty much anyone to travel there to do business.


Formed by a handful of Intaki exiles in the wake of the first Gallente-Caldari war, the Syndicate today runs a thriving region of the same name on the fringes of Gallente space, providing a useful haven for less savory Federal citizens and outright outlaws.

First Caldari-Gallente War

The Syndicate was formed by Intaki exiles from the Gallente Federation during the Caldari-Gallente War, they has slowly grown in stature and influence and

now serves as an important link between the empires and the illegal elements in the outer regions. After the death of Dorn en Diabel, his daughter Silphy en Diabel, a former Sister of EVE, returned to Syndicate space to save her family's fortune. Si


The Syndicate is the biggest black market dealer in the world of EVE, a place where shady traders from the outer regions can meet merchants from empire space. The Syndicate markets are always loaded full of contraband goods and illegal wares that are hard or impossible to come by elsewhere.

Intaki Commerce

Intaki Commerce handles these transactions, making a nice profit for the Syndicate.

Intaki Bank

The Intaki Bank has seen brisk business in the decade since it decided to keep the names on all accounts secret and inaccessible to anyone. Everyone knows that dirty money pours in and out of the bank, but the general consensus of the Syndicate is that if it doesn't provide this service, then someone else will.

A strong indication that the Gallente Federation distrusted the Intaki people enough to forcibly exile many of them from regions of Gallente space during the Caldari-Gallente War. Note the reference to the organization of The Syndicate as a conglomeration of "city states". Also be aware that virtually the entire region under the auspices of The Syndicate is rated with a 0.0 security status by CONCORD. This indicates widespread piracy, anarchy and violence.

Whether the original Syndicate exiles can be construed as criminal elements within the Federation at the time of the war or not is unclear. It may be that they adopted this stance at a later time in order both to continue to survive and foster an independent and self-governed Intaki proto-state. The Syndicate exiles are probably not typical of the Intaki populace in general. Given the racial and cultural characteristics of the Intakis shown above, it seems unlikely that Intaki society in general supports racketeering, piracy and the trade in illegal goods.

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