Tech III, or T3, is the third generation technology set introduced with the expansion "Apocrypha". Tech III ships are different from Tech I and Tech II due to their modular nature. Tech III utilizes a new slot system, known as subsystems, to build ships around a blank hull. Tech III hulls have five different subsystem slots: Defensive, Offensive, Engineering, Electronic, and Propulsion. Each subsystem has many possibilities, allowing Tech III ship builders to customize their ship for different usages. Tech III ships also require increased skills to use, including the newly added skills for subsystems. Because of the complexity of Tech III, a system was added by CCP to increase the risk vs. reward factor. When a Tech III ship is destroyed, the player inside will lose skillpoints within the subsystem tree.

Components and blueprints for Tech III ship construction can be found within the newly implemented wormholes. The NPC drones known as Sleepers drop different items and blueprints used in Tech III construction. Salvaging the drones will provide you with components needed within the building as well. Due to demand for Tech III ships, prices to assemble them are currently running high (500M+ ISK).

Tech III equipment and ships can be clearly identified by the green mark on the icon top left corner

As of right now, CCP has only implemented Tech III cruisers, known as strategic cruisers.

Tech III Strategic Cruisers:

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