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Tech II or T2, is a level of technology generally far more effective and powerful than Tech I, but they require additional skill training to use effectively, and are more expensive and harder to find or manufacture. Tech II items and ships are meta level 5.

Manufacture of Tech II equipment is a far more complicated process than for Tech I items. Production requires special components, gained from using harvested moon minerals in simple or complex reactions, and the Morphite mineral, found in Mercoxit ore. Blueprints for Tech II equipment and ships can be gained by using the invention process.

Tech II equipment and ships can be clearly identified by the orange mark on the icon top left corner.

Tech II Assault Ships

Tech II Black Ops

Tech II Command Ships

Tech II Covert Ops Ships

Tech II Electronic Attack Ships

Tech II Exhumers

Tech II Heavy Assault Ships

Tech II Heavy Interdictors

Tech II Interceptors

Tech II Interdictors

Tech II Jump Freighters

Tech II Logistics

Tech II Marauders

Tech II Recon Ships

Tech II Transport Ships