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The Tash-Murkon Family was elevated to the status of a royal family following the departure of the Khanid Family during the Khanid Rebellion. Though Tash-Murkons have a chance to become rulers of the Amarr Empire, they are also outsiders because they are of Udorian ancestry, not True Amarr which conservatives dislike the family. Yet through their vast wealth they have managed to buy themselves to the top.

History[edit | edit source]

The Tash-Murkon Family was originally a Holder family of Udorian descent, however during Garkeh's rebellion their status was rised to the Amarr Heirs. The Family grew to have a strong interest in business and grew very wealthy because of it.

Politics[edit | edit source]

The Tash-Murkon Famly's wealth allows them to grease a few fingers in order to gain power or strength, but they are considered the most liberal and progressive royal family in the Amarr Empire. In the past they were a major factor in pushing for improved relations with the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Republic despite facing fierce opposition from the other families. However, because of their Udorian bloodline, they are deemed in the eyes of conservatives unfit to rule the Amarr Empire which presents a challenge for any Tash-Murkon Family member a chance of becoming Emperor or Empress of the Empire.

Tash-Murkonites[edit | edit source]

The opinion bloc Tash-Murkonites stand by liberal ideas. They are common within the Tash-Murkon region but present all over the Empire. These people are often the beaten-down and up-and-coming made up of Udorians, Ni-Kunni, and Khanid, as well as some freed slaves and even a few disenfranchised True Amarr, from the lower reaches of the social ladder. They're keen to work their way up. They work and pray hard, and are prepared to use more liberal policies in various areas if it helps them. However, they treat liberalism as a tool rather than an ideal. They usually treat their slaves well because they are so valuable, but they won't hesitate to drive their slaves hard if they need to. Though, they're a little put out by Sarum's effortless return to power, but most don't have time to worry about it unless they can see how her position might be a direct benefit to them.

Family Members[edit | edit source]

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