A target lock is achieved when a ship's sensors start tracking another object. Once "locked", the ship can perform a variety of actions on the object. This can include attacking with weapon systems, examining the ship with ship scanners, salvaging a wreck, and aiding with remote repair modules.

A ship's sensors do not lock onto another object instantly. It can take from a couple seconds to over half a minute. The locking speed depends on several factors:

In order to lock an object, it must be within targeting range of the ship. If the object moves farther away than the maximum targeting distance, the lock will be dropped.

A cloaking device will not activate if the ship has an active lock on it.

Breaking a lock[edit | edit source]

There are several methods of breaking a lock:

  • Fly out of targeting distance of the locking ship. Unfortunately some ships can easily target objects that are over 100 km away.
  • Warp away from the locking ship.
  • Fly off the edge of the grid of the locking ship
  • Use Electronic Counter Measures to disrupt the targeting abilities of the locking ship.
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