I've just got a new drake, passive tanked with loads of sheilds relays, extenders and sheild hardeners to make up for poor em and heat resistance, with decent sheild skills and average missile skills. While i agree that damage isn't great, you can pack enough missiles on the thing to destroy anything above a frigate before it gets within 30km. Destroying frigates is a pain in the ass with this as even with 4 light launchers i have to spend a while launching at them, although this is cancelled out if you have decent drone skills, im drone lvl 5 with about 3 in drone interfacing and combat, i can turn most frigates into dust with 5 hornets (or any light drones, at 25 m3 5 lights are you best option).

i find it infinetly better than my Ferox, which i ahd usually had real trouble shooting down frigates, mayvbe i was using the wrong equip but with 2 neutron blasters on my ferox i still had to stasis web most frigates and leave myself open while i shot them down. I didnt want to sacrifice heavy missiles for lighter anti frigate one.

The sexy look of the drake alone is worth the extra (roughly) 10 mil.

Passive Tank Warrior[edit source]

Possibly the most infamous Passive tank setup is for the Drake. With the right configuration this battlecruiser can solo almost all level 4's without warping out. As with the previous statement where it lacks is DPS. Roughly 175 DPS with Tech 1 missiles and T2 launchers. This is barely enough to break the level 4 battleship tank but it is enough. Drones do help break the tank if the battleship has bounty of above 1 Million ISK. If in a small fleet also makes for a nice bait ship or surprise electronic warfare ship. If in fleet the gang assist module can help the fleet as a whole.

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