Tackling is the process of using a fast-moving and fast-locking ship (usually a frigate) to warp scramble or webify an opponent until heavy-hitting backup can arrive. Common ships used for this purpose include:

Tackling an enemy is very dangerous, both because, in general, the tackler will be outgunned by its prey, which will be eager to do anything to get away before the tackler's heavier-weight allies arrive, and because most tackling needs to take place at a range at which the ship tackled can retaliate. However, some ships receive range bonuses to tackle gear, and therefore can close down their target whilst remaining outside its optimum weapon range.

Other strategy relays on using Rifter, a very high speed frigate, fitted with MWD and Inertia_Stabilizers_I, orbiting very close and very fast to victim, so that the victim cannot lock on it and fire at the tackler. Capacitor will last enough for the bigger ships to get closer, lock and kill the prey.

Despite low cost and low skills required for starting with tackler ship tacklers are valuable addition to every mayor battle and pilots who kills tackled ship will share the loot with the tackler.

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