Syndicate is a 0.0 region on the NW part of EVE, ajoining the Empire Region Placid.

Accessed throguh the chokepoint in PF-346, Syndicate is one of the very few 0.0 regions in EVE that is usually not claimed in its entirety. Until the invasion by Imperium and their allies Supremacy, Syndicate lay unclaimed by any major Alliance. NORAD used to keep the travel routes inbetween Outer Ring and Placid, but most of it lay unclaimed, inhabited by various pirate groups and independed corporations.

The JQ Alliance claims two constellations in the region, with 3rd Front claiming a string of systems. The rest of the region lay unclaimed until the Supremacy invasion.

Special notable inhabitants were the pirate groups Tundragon, Teddybear and Bone Collectors.

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