Sukuuvestaa Corporation, or SuVee, is a megacorporation in the Caldari State.

Organization[edit | edit source]

Sukuuvestaa is the largest real estate dealer within the Caldari State. It is estimated that Sukuuvestaa and their subsidiaries own nearly 40% of all land in Caldari space. Though most of it is largely uninhabited, it is used for vast automated farms or hazardous environment mining operations since the corporation is heavily focused on agriculture, mining, real estate, and consumer products. SuVee is the second largest of the Caldari megacorporations and is known for its ruthless, often unethical, business practices.

Since resettling in the Achura home system of Saisio after the evacuation of Caldari Prime, the corporation has become the sentimental favorite of the Achura population for both employment and purchasing decisions. Many of the corporation's high level positions are filled by Achura, and images from Achura culture are often used for corporate products. However, corporate philosophy is still dominated by SuVee traditions that date back to its origins on Caldari Prime, not Achura culture.

Politics[edit | edit source]

SuVee has a reputation as one of the State's most ruthless corporations, seizing smaller rivals and selling off the pieces to ensure its dominance. While this often causes tensions between it and the other megacorporations, even allied ones like Nugoeihuvi and CBD, it has also forced them to think twice about challenging Sukuuvestaa in any market where it has significant influence.

Military[edit | edit source]

Peace and Order Unit is the police and security arm of the Sukuuvestaa megacorporation.

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