The Statics are generally introvert and prefer status quo, both socially and biologically. They are one of two known Jovian bloodlines with other being the Modifiers. The Statics regard themselves as observers that should interfere as little as possible with the other empires of New Eden. They believe they are as genetically evolved as they can be and generally frown upon large-scale genetic engineering programs.

Racial TraitsEdit

Male Static are often aloof and condescending. They are among the biggest hoarders of knowledge, but they enjoy and revel in the knowledge of they own as their own importance. They, however, rarely use their power to influence world events.

Female Static are more open and friendly to outsiders. Though they are driven by curiosity the same as their male counterparts, they don't have the pathological keep their knowledge to themselves instead, generally, quite willing to share in their discoveries. Female statics pass for what can be term leaders in the Jove Empire; other Jovians acknowledge that their stable nature and extensive knowledge makes them best suited for the task.



The Elders were one of the first groups to use genetic engineering for a special purpose, namely to slow the aging process. Once, the Elders became a prominent political force in the Jovian society, they brought about the fall of the first Jovian empire. However, they have become more reclusive. Elders can become many centuries old, though it's uncertain exactly how old they can become, but some suggest they can outlive members of the Amarrian royal families.


The Unsullied are the group of Jove that have rejected further genetic experiments and instead opt for conventional methods to deal with sickness and old age. Genetic engineering has, through the centuries, transformed Jovian society in every aspect imaginable. Many Jove, denoted as Unsullied, believe that enough has been done. They are advocates of cyber-implants and want to use machines instead of genes in the search for better life.


The Stasis people are Jove that voluntarily go into cryo-stasis for decades or centuries, hoping that when they wake a bright and better world will greet them. For many Jove their race is in the twilight of their greatness. Ever since the fall of the first empire, Jovian society has been in a slow, steady decline. Most blame the Jovian Disease for this and believe that the Jove can only hope for a cure for the disease to be found.

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