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Stasis Webifier

Stasis Webifiers are mid-slot modules that reduce the speed of a targeted object. These electronic warfare modules have a relatively short range and require you to be near your victim to use it. When an object is webbed, its maximum speed is reduced.


Stasis Webifiers and Warp Scramblers/Warp Disruptors make up the two main modules needed for tackling. The webifier slows the victim down and the scramblers prevent it from escaping. When using these two modules, you must activate the scrambler first. Since a ship can enter warp when it achieves 75% of its maximum speed, activating the webifier first makes it even easier for the ship to escape.

Example: The target ship has a maximum speed of 200 m/s. This means that to achieve warp, the ship must be moving at 150 m/s (200 * 0.75). If the ship is webbed with a standard Stasis Webifier I (speed reduction of 75%), the maximum speed for the ship will become 50 m/s (200 * 0.25). This means the ship only needs to be moving 37.5 m/s (50 * 0.75) to warp away once aligned.

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