Ticker: SOBS

In-game description: "Standard Operations Building Services is a small corporation dedicated to the art of player advancement. We are highly self-sufficient, capable of maintaining a large POS, running agent missions, ratting, mining and PVP operations. We're capable of producing our own tech 1 equipment which enables us to easily operate in deep 0.0, and provide financial aid when needed to our members."

Member Count: 30, including alternate accounts. CEO: Bldyannoyed

History: SOBS was formed on a hot July day in 2005, when a group of friends decided to break with their corporations and search for a life outside of the daily Empire grind. Originally led by Sergio Ling, it was taken over by the current CEO Bldyannoyed in (2006?). In early 2007, after a brief stint in the Gods of Night and Day alliance, SOBS was disbanded, its members joining several different corporations.

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