Scrap metal (module and ship) reprocessing works slightly differently to mineral refining. The user interface is identical, but the calculations are different. Only the Scrapmetal Processing (5x) skill affects the output, and is applied directly to the base reprocessing yield of the station or structure. Stations have a base yield of between 35 - 50% and structures have a base yield of 50% (this is not affected by structure or rig bonuses). The yield is also not affected by implants, so the maxiumm possible yield for ships and modules is 55% with perfect skills.

To calculate this manually, or import into a tool or spreadsheet, you can use the following formula:
Station Equipment x (1 + Scrapmetal Processing x 0.02)

To see more detailed information about exact yields and calculations, simply hover over any item in either the input or output window. For example, hovering over the Metal Scraps in the input window shows us the following:

  • The base yield from station equipment is 50%.
  • With Level V Scrapmetal Processing skill we have a x1.1 yield increase. (1 + 5 x 0.02)

As a result our total net yield is 55%.

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