The Heavy Interdictors skill allows a pilot of fly Heavy Interdictor-class cruisers. These ships can project a warp disruption field around itself.

Heavy Interdictors
Icon50 11
Skill for operation of the Heavy Interdictor class cruisers. Can not be trained on Trial Accounts.
Icon02 09
Volume: 0.01 m3 packaged
Icon22 16
Training Time Multiplier: 6
Icon07 12
Base Price: 32,000,000 ISK
Required Skills
Primary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Propulsion Jamming V
Spacer Icon06 01 Electronics III
Spacer Icon06 01 Navigation II
Secondary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Weapon Upgrades V
Spacer Icon06 01 Gunnery II
Tertiary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Spaceship Command V

Heavy Interdictors Level RequirementsEdit

Level 1 Required For