A skill in the Eve universe is a specific piece of knowledge that allows a player to perform an action. These actions can include:

In order to learn a skill, a player must acquire a skill book for that skill. These books can be purchased through the Market, contracts, LP stores, and can also be found in ship wreckage. To start training a skill, right-click on the book and select Inject Skill. The book must be in your current ship's cargohold or (if you currently docked) in the station's hangar. Many skills have prerequisite skills that you must know before you can start training the new skill.

Once you start training a skill, you will start earning points in that skill. The rate at which you earn points is based off that skill's related attributes and the skill's rank. Each skill has two attributes associated with it, one primary and one secondary. The higher the attributes, the faster a skill will be trained.

Each skill has five levels of training. Each level of training can unlock the ability to use more items and ships as well as improve an ability of your character. A skill's rank determines how many points are in each level of training. A Rank 2 skill will take has twice as many points (and therefore takes twice as long to train) than a Rank 1 skill.

Rank   1    2     3     4       5
1     250 1415  8000  45255  256000
2     500 2829 16000  90510  512000
3     750 4243 24000 135765  768000
4    1000 5657 32000 181020 1024000
5    1250 7072 40000 226275 1280000

Skills are trained in real time and continue to gain points even when you are not logged into the game. If you switch training from one skill to another skill, you will not lose any point trained in the original skill.

See Skills Tree.
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