Magnifies the operational ability of regular ECM target jammers, making them stronger and faster. Works only with regular ECMs, not ECM Bursts.

Penalty: Using more than one type of this module or similar modules that affect the same attribute on the ship will be penalized.

Signal Distortion Amplifier II
Icon05 12t2
Signal distortion amplifiers increase the strength of ECM devices being used on the ship.
Icon07 15
Meta Level: 5
Icon07 15
Scan Strength Bonus: 19%
Icon09 16
Tech Level: 2
Icon12 07
CPU: 30 tf
Icon22 08
Powergrid: 1 MW
Icon08 09
Slot Type: Low
Required Skills
Primary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Electronic Warfare IV
Spacer Icon06 01 Electronics I
Material / Mineral
Icon06 16 Isogen: 4
Icon11 10 Megacyte: 3
Icon06 12 Mexallon: 299
Icon35 02 Morphite: 10
Icon11 09 Nocxium: 1
Icon06 14 Tritanium: 628
Icon11 11 Zydrine: 5
Module Class
Icon05 12 Signal Distortion Amplifier