The Serpent's Coil, also known as Lookout Post 7-0Z, is located in the Vilinnon system within the Gallente Federation. The Coil is not something the locals are proud of and the Federation would rather know nothing of it. The notorious Serpentis Corporation have established themselves here.Built during the Gallente-Caldari war , ,, it acted as a military outpost against marauding Caldari ships. When the war ended the purpose for manning the base ended, too. A token force was kept there for a few years, before the station was abandoned completely. At that time, local authorities hoped of turning the system into a mining haven, but those hopes disappeared when the Serpentis Corporation occupied, the now, derelict military base. The move was a stunning effrontery to the Federation, but Serpentis had timed their move well as the new federal administration had just established themselves. By the time the Gallente Federation sent forces to retake it, Serpentis had firmly entrenched themselves. After a few half-hearted attempts failed to remove them, the Federation adopted a policy of ignoring the problem. The Vilinnon system was deened to be underdeveloped and insignificant to warrant a large military operation. The Serpent’s Coil was there to stay.