The Amarr Scriptures, are also referred to as The Word (of God), is the name of a collection of holy texts of Amarr. The Scriptures serve as the foundation of Amarr society, defining the daily lives of Amarr the Empire across. They are not limited to religious texts though; they describe everything from out-of-date rules of behavior to early technological breakthroughs. These writings have been maintained and updated throughout the centuries by Imperial Theologians and include texts that date back to the origins of Amarr society, written in a language so ancient that it is unreadable by modern Amarr. The original Scriptures were divinely given to the Amarr from divine beings through prophets such as Dano Gheinok, though through time additional texts have come from emperors, saints, priests, and other notable people.

Due to these changes, there exist many different books of the Scriptures. Some have later been deemed apocryphal and been excised for a variety of reasons; the most well known are the Apocryphon, which is important to the Sani Sabik, and the alternate Scriptures of the Order of St. Tetrimon.

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