A pirate is also a hostile non-player character.

A pirate is a player who hunts other players for the bounty yielded by the destruction of their ship. Pirate corporations exist solely to destroy other (often helpless) ships and fund their combat operations through the profit made from selling the loot they receive.

Broad types of pirateEdit

Although it is difficult to classify player pirates tightly, it is possible to split piracy into various distinct activities:

Asteroid belt piratesEdit

Asteroid belt pirates (or simply belt pirates) prey on miners and NPCers, and anyone else unfortunate enough to hang out in an asteroid belt. Utilizing a warp scrambler or warp jammer, the pirate will render an opponent's ship unable to enter warp and force it to defend itself. The pirate then proceeds to either ransom the ship for his estimated value of the ship plus modules, or destroy it to collect the parts. This is considered to be the most 'true' and 'old school' form of piracy by the community[citation needed].

In hi-sec space, where attacking a ship can bring CONCORD retaliation, the pirates must indice their victim to attack them first. They do this by "flipping" the miner's jet-can, taking the ore and generally depositing it in one of their own. This makes them open to attack by the miner; if the miner then attacks, the pirate may destroy him with impunity sicne he is now the "person attacked". If, on the other hand, the miner takes the ore back, it also makes him open to attack by the pirate, who then destroys his ship, and gets the ore as well.

Gate camping piratesEdit

Gate camping pirates will remain stationary at a stargate and shoot other ships trying to get to or from the gate in their travels. Gate campers will tank the sentry guns for as long as possible while destroying their victims and collecting the loot before the victim warps to safety.

Gate sniping piratesEdit

Gate sniping pirates remain stationary at a distance from a stargate located in empire space to avoid sentry gun fire and kill their targets with long range weaponry. The stargate sentry guns cannot engage people past 149 kilometers[citation needed]. Because of this, gate snipers may remain there as long as they wish. The pirate often uses an alternate character to collect loot.

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