[[Heavy Interdictor]]
Icon19 03 Phobos
Hull Thorax
Developer Roden Shipyards
Icon22 08Power Grid 1165 MW
Icon68 01Calibration 400
Icon08 09Low Slots 6
Icon08 10Medium Slots 4
Icon08 11High Slots 6
Icon12 07CPU 375 tf
Icon12 12Launcher Hardpoints 0
Icon05 13Turrets Hardpoints 5
Icon68 01Upgrade Hardpoints 2
Tech I Thorax
Tech II Deimos
Tech II Phobos
Faction Vigilant
Ship Focus
Weapon Systems Icon13 02Icon13 06
Defense Systems Icon01 08Icon01 11
Specialty Systems Icon04 09
Other Images
Phobos Heavy Interdictor
Phobos Heavy Interdictor

Effectively combining the trapping power of interdictors with the defensive capabilities of heavy assault ships, the heavy interdictor is an invaluable addition to any skirmish force, offensive or defensive. Heavy interdictors are the only ships able to use the warp disruption field generator, a module which creates a warp disruption field that moves with the origin ship wherever it goes.

Unlike most Gallente ship manufacturers, Roden Shipyards tend to favor missiles over drones and their ships generally possess stronger armor. Their electronics capacity, however, tends to be weaker than ships from their competitors.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Gallente Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to medium hybrid turret damage and 5% bonus to armor resistances per level
  • Heavy Interdictors Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to medium hybrid turret falloff per level and 5% bonus to range of warp disruption fields per level
  • Note: can fit warp disruption field generators

Icon22 07Shield Capacity 1,160 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 0 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 60 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 85 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 60 %
Icon22 16Recharge Rate 1250000 ms

Icon22 06Armor Capacity 2,040 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 60 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 10 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 83.75 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 67.5 %

Icon02 10Hull Capacity 2,531 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 0 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 0 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 0 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 0 %
Icon03 13Cargo Capacity 315 m3
Icon02 10Mass 15,000,000.00 kg
Icon02 12Volume 112,000.00 m3

Icon22 08Capacitor Capacity 1,375 Energy
Icon22 16Capacitor Recharge 491250 ms

Icon02 10Drone Bay Capacity 50 m3
Icon56 05Drone Bandwidth 50 Mbit/sec

Icon22 13Max Velocity 215 m/sec

Icon63 14Magnetometric Sensor Strength 15 points
Icon07 15Max Locked Targets 6
Icon22 15Max Targeting Range 65 km
Icon03 09Scan Resolution 160 mm
Icon22 14Signature Radius 225 m

Skills Required
Primary Skill Heavy Interdictors I
Primary Skill Gallente Cruiser V
Secondary Skill Propulsion Jamming V
Secondary Skill Spaceship Command V
Secondary Skill Weapon Upgrades V

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