Sanshas nation logo Phantasm
Hull Phantasm
Developer Sansha's Nation
Icon22 08Power Grid 925 MW
Icon68 01Calibration 350
Icon08 09Low Slots 3
Icon08 10Medium Slots 6
Icon08 11High Slots 5
Icon12 07CPU 425 tf
Icon12 12Launcher Hardpoints 0
Icon05 13Turrets Hardpoints 3
Icon68 01Upgrade Hardpoints 3
Tech I Phantasm
Ship Focus
Weapon Systems Icon13 10Icon13 14
Defense Systems Icon02 02Icon02 03
Specialty Systems No Specialty Devices
Other Images
Phantasm Cruiser
Phantasm Cruiser

As with other Sansha ships, not much is known about the origin of this design. Its form -- while harshly alien in shape -- bears the mark of extremely advanced physics research, lines and corners coalescing to form a shape whose resilience and structural integrity are hard to match. Coupled with advanced hardpoint technology and an extremely efficient powercore, the Phantasm's legendary status is well-deserved.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Special Ability: 100% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage
  • Amarr Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Energy Turret tracking per level
  • Caldari Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage per level

Icon22 07Shield Capacity 3,188 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 0 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 60 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 40 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 20 %
Icon22 16Recharge Rate 1250000 ms

Icon22 06Armor Capacity 2,406 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 60 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 20 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 25 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 35 %

Icon02 10Hull Capacity 2,285 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 0 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 0 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 0 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 0 %
Icon03 13Cargo Capacity 250 m3
Icon02 10Mass 10,100,000.00 kg
Icon02 12Volume 101,000.00 m3

Icon22 08Capacitor Capacity 1,500 Energy
Icon22 16Capacitor Recharge 491250 ms

Icon02 10Drone Bay Capacity 15 m3
Icon56 05Drone Bandwidth 15 Mbit/sec

Icon22 13Max Velocity 175 m/sec

Icon07 15Max Locked Targets 7
Icon22 15Max Targeting Range 55 km
Icon63 16RADAR Sensor Strength 15 points
Icon03 09Scan Resolution 135 mm
Icon22 14Signature Radius 220 m

Skills Required
Primary Skill Amarr Cruiser II
Primary Skill Caldari Cruiser II