Otro Gariushi
Otro Gariushi
Allegiance Caldari State
Corporation Guristas Pirates (formerly)

Ishukone Corporation

Otro Gariushi, born in September 23, YC 74, was the CEO of Ishukone Corporation from YC 100 until his death in May 15, YC 110. Unknown to the general public, Otro was a former Guristas pirate with a twenty-five million ISK bounty on his head for his actions that led to the private disgrace of preceding CEO of Ishukone Les Akkilen as well as the field testing of the first prototype Raven-class battleship.

Early Years[edit | edit source]

When Otro Gariushi was still a child, his father, Vilamo, moved the family to the underdeveloped mining world of Drenali Seven to partake in Ishukone's latest industrial-scale mining operations. The family settled in the town of Kaurikou Junction.

Otro's life on Drenali Seven was terrible, but would later benefit him to be prepared to handle the worst possible outcome of any situation. Following his mother's tragic death in an industrial accident, Otro's older sister Mila could not reconcile her personal feelings with her father and chose to leave the family, becoming estranged from both Otro and their father. Otro was five when Mila left.

By YC 90, Ishukone's operations in Drenali Seven had been largely abandoned, creating difficult living conditions on the planet. Uknown to Otro who was sixteen at the time, his father was forced to deal with drugs for the Guristas to earn enough money to pay rent and help his son attain his life goals. At the time, Otro aspired to join the Caldari Navy. Being intellectually gifted as well as ambitious, he stood a good chance of being accepted to the School of Applied Science.

Otro's relationship with his father was, at times, contentious, but despite this Otro viewed his father as a steppin stone to which his own comprehension of the world was built upon. His father taught him to be resilient in the face of adversity, which was the key to surviving the harsh conditions such as those on Drenali Seven. As Otro grew into a teenager their relationship became a strong, interdependent bond.

After his father was murdered by an Ishukone executive, Otro briefly considered of committing suicide. However, his father's Guristas contact, a man only known as Gavriel, convinced him otherwise and took Otro in. Subsequently, Otro never applied to the Caldari Navy and became a pirate.

Pirate Career[edit | edit source]

In the years following his departure from Drenali Seven, Otro formed a close brother-like bond with Gavriel and remained with the Guristas, at first proving himself to be a capable addition to their ranks and eventually earning a position where Gavriel served under him. Otro survived numerous actions in which he suffered various injuries to his face and body, most notably a broken jaw which never healed properly and left him with what others termed "spectacularly ugly" features. Otro adopted a recognizable skull and crossbones tattoo on his right cheek. In return for his loyalty, the Guristas provided implants and the necessary training to make Otro a capsuleer.

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