Ore is the basic material found in the various asteroid fields throughout the Eve Universe. In native form, asteroid ores cannot be used, but must be refined into their constituent Minerals, which can then be used for ship and equipment manufacture. However, the mined ore can still be sold on the market.

Most asteroid ores can only be reprocessed in set minimum quantities

The following Ores can be found in asteroids of the same name:

Icon23 05.png Arkonor

Icon23 06.png Bistot

Icon23 07.png Crokite

Icon23 08.png Dark Ochre

Icon25 01.png Gneiss

Icon23 09.png Hedbergite

Icon23 10.png Hemorphite

Icon23 11.png Jaspet

Icon23 12.png Kernite

Icon35 11.png Mercoxit

Icon23 13.png Omber

Icon24 02.png Plagioclase

Icon23 16.png Pyroxeres

Icon23 15.png Scordite

Icon23 14.png Spodumain

Icon24 01.png Veldspar

As a rule, the refinable value of an ore increases the nearer it's name is to 'A', but at the same time, the minimum units needed to refine and volume also increase. Since mining lasers work in m3 instead of ore units, and the volume of the higher end ores is up to 400 times that of the low end ones, it's a good idea to check prices per m3. Currently, there is about a 10 fold difference in the amount one makes per m3 (and therefore, per time) on the best ores versus veldspar. Also, the more valuable an ore type, the further from Empire space you will need to travel to find it.

Mercoxit is a special ore type found only in the furthest reaches of space. It requires special Deep Core Mining skills and equipment to extract, and it's refined form, Morphite is essential to Tech II production.

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