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Muryia Mordu is the founder and current CEO of Mordu's Legion.

First Gallente-Caldari War[]

When the First Gallente-Caldari War occurred, Muryia was a brilliant young Caldari officer, and was more open-minded than other Caldari officers who generally were extremely xenophobic towards non-Caldari races. He would be later given command of Intaki officers who defect from the Gallente Federation to join the Caldari cause for independence. He immediately took a liking to the Intaki and vice-visa. Together, they formed one of the more revered fighting units in the Caldari Navy during the war with the Federation.

After the war, Muryia retired from his military life.

Waschi Uprising[]

The Intaki war veterans required the assistance of their old commander to quell the Waschi Uprising which removed the Intakis from their homes. He agreed to answer to help his fellow soldiers and formed a mercenary group mainly made of Intaki war veterans. They would help Caldari authorities to crush the uprising.

Due to his leadership the mercenary group performed very well in quelling the uprising which became noticed by the Caldari Navy. For their assistance in quelling the uprising, the Caldari Navy offered Muryia and other leaders of the mercenary group a position in the Navy which was declined. This action led to the formation of the mercenary group now known as Mordu's Legion.

Recent Activity[]

In YC 106, Muryia was called in a meeting with ORE's CEO Orion Mashel. At the end of the meeting, Muryia appeared clearly upset. He would later form a task force with his best legionaries and led an assualt in Sepentis space to require some sort of device. He and his task force was met with little resistance at first, but when they attempted to leave they were attacked by Guardian Angels. He, however, was able to beat the Guardian Angels and escape. Both Mordu's Legion and ORE considered it a success despite losses for Mordu's Legion.

In YC 107, relations between Mordu's Legion and ORE fall apart leading to the eventual termination of contract between the two groups. It is suspected that personal troubles between leadership of the two groups led to relations becoming sour.

In YC 110, though Mordu's Legion was not involved in the Second Gallente-Caldari War, rumours about Muryia and his lieutenants are in the war room and adding large amount of encrypted data into their strategic mainframes suggest something is coming.