Release date: 28 April, 2015

The Mosaic update introduces re-balancing to existing T3 destroyers, mineral composition of ores, volume reduction of structures and introduces SKINs.

  • Added S.K.I.Ns, superseding the Ship Paint Pilot Program. S.K.I.Ns can be bought from the New Eden Store with Aurum tokens or dropped by certain NPCs
  • Confessor and Svipul Tactical Destroyers have been rebalanced and their build components have been adjusted
  • Compositions of several ore variations have been adjusted and the consumption of Zydrine and Megacyte has been doubled for almost all blueprints
  • The old tutorials have been completely removed and replaced with the Opportunities system
  • The Entosis Link has been introduced
  • The New Map has been made the default map
  • Cynosural fields can no longer be lit within range of a POS, regardless of the presence of a forcefield or the state of the tower
  • Corporation adverts can now specify minimum skill points
  • New POS Force Field Effect

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