Icon19 03 Moros
Hull Moros
Icon22 08Power Grid 575,000 MW
Icon68 01Calibration 400
Icon08 09Low Slots 7
Icon08 10Medium Slots 5
Icon08 11High Slots 4
Icon12 07CPU 750 tf
Icon12 12Launcher Hardpoints 0
Icon05 13Turrets Hardpoints 3
Icon68 01Upgrade Hardpoints 3
Ship Focus
Weapon Systems Icon52 10Icon52 14
Defense Systems Icon01 08Icon01 11
Specialty Systems Icon53 09
Other Images
Moros Dreadnought
Moros Dreadnought

Of all the dreadnoughts currently in existence, the versatile Moros possesses perhaps the greatest capacity to fend off smaller hostiles by itself while concentrating on its primary capital target. By virtue of its protean array of point defense capabilities - including a drone bay capable of fielding vast amounts of drones to safeguard the behemoth - the Moros is single-handedly capable of turning the tide in a fleet battle.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • 5% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret damage per level
  • 5% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret rate of fire per level
  • 99% reduction in CPU need for Siege Module

Icon22 07Shield Capacity 156,250 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 0 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 50 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 40 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 20 %
Icon22 16Recharge Rate 19,999,999 ms

Icon22 06Armor Capacity 187,500 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 60 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 10 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 35 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 35 %

Icon02 10Hull Capacity 218,750 HP
Icon22 20EM Resist 0 %
Icon22 19Explosive Resist 0 %
Icon22 17Kinetic Resist 0 %
Icon22 18Thermal Resist 0 %
Icon03 13Cargo Capacity 8,500 m3
Icon02 10Mass 1,175,000,000.00 kg
Icon02 12Volume 17,550,000.00 m3

Icon22 08Capacitor Capacity 52,500 Energy
Icon22 16Capacitor Recharge 3,804,294 ms

Icon02 10Drone Bay Capacity 0 m3
Icon56 05Drone Bandwidth 0 Mbit/sec

Icon22 08Jump Drive Capacitor Need 0.95 %
Icon22 16Jump Drive Fuel Need 1000
Icon07 15Jump Drive Fuel Type Icon51 15 Oxygen Isotopes
Icon22 15Max Jump Range 5 ly
Icon22 13Max Velocity 70 m/sec

Icon63 14Magnetometric Sensor Strength 44 points
Icon07 15Max Locked Targets 7
Icon22 15Max Targeting Range 105 km
Icon03 09Scan Resolution 50 mm
Icon22 14Signature Radius 1,740 m

Skills Required
Primary Skill Gallente Dreadnought I
Primary Skill Capital Ships I
Primary Skill Jump Drive Operation I
Primary Skill Advanced Spaceship Command V
Secondary Skill Gallente Battleship V
Secondary Skill Warp Drive Operation V