The Moral Reforms was a political struggle between the Amarr Emperor and Council of Apostles occurring between 21875 AD and 21950 AD. It was caused by the increase in power of the Council after the death of Emperor Zaragram II.

The reforms transferred power from the Council of Apostles to the Emperor and led to the creation of the Privy Council. As a result, the Emperor had essentially became both the spiritual and worldly leader of the Amarr Empire. Many of the Apostles’ supporters were reminded of the Mad Emperor, however their protest and discontent were quickly silenced.

The Emperor created the Theology Council in order to create a new scripture that allowed the power of the Emperor and the Privy Council to be secured. The Privy Council overtime became a staunch supporter of the Emperor during this time, which led to their elevation as the five Royal Heir Families.

A religious order, known as the Order of St. Tetrimon, stood against the Moral Reforms. Instead of obeying the Emperor, they were openly defiant against the Theology Council and Privy Council. They are believed to have hid the records and artifacts of the Council of Apostles.

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