The Modifiers are the enthusiasts of the Jove. They are curious and constantly willing to try or experience or experiment something new and fresh. Modifiers have lower life expectancy that other Jove and are more susceptible to the Jovian Disease.

Racial TraitsEdit

Male Modifiers are constantly in search of something new and different. They can never stay in the same place for long. They're fickle and undisciplined compared to other Jove and are prone to manic-depression. They are also the most reckless, which most often get them into trouble, but sometimes it results in a spectacular new discovery that would never been found.

Female Modifiers are renowned within the Jove Empire for their constant body enhancing experiments. More than any other group, they are taking genetic engineering to the extreme and back. There is little rhyme or reasons in their experiments, as they're most often done on individual level. Although the results are often disastrous, many Jove put more backing in the chaotic gene therapies of female Modifiers for the hopes of finding a cure to the Jovian Disease than a respectable formal research team.



The Existentialists are the most energetic and vocal among the Jove. They live for the moment and are always ready to experiment, even with their own bodies. To them, nothing is sacred. The Existentialists tend to have little to do with the other races, as they find them boring and uninspiring.


The Puritans, like many Jovians dream of returning to their genetic roots, now long since lost during the Shrouded Days. Those that are most active in their search for the 'untainted' Jovian genes are called the Puritans. In the hope of cleansing the nation of the Jovian Disease, the Puritans try out ever-more outrageous genetic engineering experiments, often with unexpected results. But unlike the Existentialists, the genetic engineering of the Puritans has the specific aim in returning the human element to the Jove, instead of being narcissistic in nature.

Lab RatsEdit

Lab Rats are Jove who are artificially created strictly for scientist purposes, outside of social motivations. All Jove are artificially conceived. In most cases a family unit is involved, donating genes, taking care of the rearing and so on, but this is not always so. Often, persons are conceived for some altruist reasons and usually for research purposes. These Jove are treated the same as everyone else, but tend to be a little 'off', due to the clinical methods of how they were conceived.

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