Minmatar Rebellion was a successful slave revolt against the Amarr Empire in 23216 AD, during the midst of the Amarr-Jove War, that gained the freedom of the Minmatar and allowed the establishment of the Minmatar Republic.

Background[edit | edit source]

The spark of fire that truly started the Minmatar Rebellion originated from Druper Maak killing Heir Arkon Ardishapur with Arkon's own scepter. It was an act of revenge for the execution of Arzad Hmari and for his own self preservation. Causing Druper's plans to flow into motion of a revolt on Ezzara VI.

However Idonis, Arkon's son, ordered an orbital bombardment of the planet for the death of his father and showed the strength of the Ardishapur Family. The bombardment resulted in the presumed extinction of the Starkmanir. Though many small attempts had been made at rebellion before, the destruction of Starkman Prime heightened and intensified unrest throughout the Amarr Empire.

Despite the failed revolt, ironically, the Nefantar actions allowed the spark to live on by exporting Minmatar with extreme dissidence to all corners of the Amarr Empire. It took two hundred sixty-nine years for the spark set by Drupar Maak to ignite into the Minmatar Rebellion.

The Jove and the Gallenteans helped aid in the start of Rebellion and fermenting its success. a Jove, named Grious, worked to undermine the Amarr Empire and to discover Amarr battle plans for the assault on the Jove Empire with the covert aid of Amarr Admiral Faus Akredon, who had begun to lose faith in the Amarr Empire. Both men aided the Minmatar in planning their rebellion, though feared that, if the Amarr won the Battle of Vak'Atioth, the rebellion would fail.

Rebellion[edit | edit source]

With the Jovian victory and the Amarr in disarray, the Minmatar took the opportunity to rise up across the Empire in a massive rebellion. It was a quick and brutal assault as rebel forces spread. The sudden uprising led the Amarr to hastily make peace with the Jove to refocus their attetion on the slave revolt. They allowed the Order of St. Tetrimonto return to the Empire in order to help battle the Minmatar rebels which, from their uniquely colored ships, became feared by rebel commanders. Collaborators and Amarrians were forced to flee from the rebel fleets that came.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Minmatar successfully rebelled against their Amarr masters and Amarr allied Minmatar, specifically the Ammatar, gaining their freedom at last from the Empire. They ejected the Amarr Empire and any collaborators from their territory that would become the basis of the Minmatar Republic.

Despite the success of the rebellion, over half of their people were still kept in slavery, but many newly freed slaves were not content to rest until they were freed. Constant raids freed more Minmatar, until the Amarr were able to fortify their positions and establish the Ammatar Mandate as a buffer zone against further raids. In the end, only a third remained in slavery while the two-thirds of the Minmatar people were freed.

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