Lonetrek Edit

Factions: Caldari State (Total)

Alliances: N/A - Empire Space

Constellations: 15

Lonetrek is one of the busier regions of Empire space, and forms a major industrial centre for the Caldari State. Station services are plentiful, and the majority of the region is 0.5 Security Status or above.

Lonetrek is connected to the Highway at several points, and adjoins The Forge, The Citadel and Pure Blind

Places of Note in Lonetrek Edit

Amsen: New players choosing the Caldari Science and Trade Institute starter corporation begin life here.

Todaki: New players choosing the Caldari School of Applied Knowledge starter corporation begin life here

Nonni: A major centre for player shipbuilding and manufacture.

Aunenen: A notable podkill blackspot on the main route up to Pure Blind and 0.0 space.