The Lai Dai Corporation is one of "Big Eight" megacorporation of the Caldari State. They are involved in about every aspect of business from starships to real estate to entertainment. They have always advocated quality over quantity and their products have always been of the highest standard. Lai Dai has an energetic research program and rivals the great Ishukone in technological achievements. Currently, Lai Dai's CEO is Alakoni Ishanoya.

Politics[edit | edit source]

The Lai Dai Corporation is politically part of the Patriot faction. The Patriot faction is lead by Kaalakiota Corporation and includes the Wiyrkomi Corporation. The political faction is chiefly concerned with the Caldari State's status versus the other interstellar empires. They economically and militarily embrace their Caldari cultural heritage. As part of its political goal to make the State stronger economically, Lai Dai is the primary supporter of the School of Applied Knowledge.

The corporation is not solely driven by its association with the Patriot faction. Lai Dai is heavily invested in both Amarr and the Khanid corporations. Lai Dai took advantage of the political alliance forged, after the ending of the First Caldari-Gallente War, by investing in the Carthum Conglomerate and later Khanid Innovation. They supplied both with an infusion of technological creativity needed to grow and reach their goals. This close relationship with the Amarr and Khanid means that Lai Dai is unlikely to work against the Amarr in its interactions with the Caldari State as a whole. This some times results with the corporation having a conflict of interest concerning matters of the State and its normal political allies.

History[edit | edit source]

Military[edit | edit source]

Lai Dai Protection Service is the police and security arm of the Lai Dai Corporation. They are responsible for the protection of Lai Dai assets and property within Lai Dai space.

Products[edit | edit source]

The core Lai Dai Corporation conducts technology research, development and manufactures the products of its research programs. From its research programs and manufacturing lines, Lai Dai has produced some now common quality products. From their research and development efforts, they have produced a multitude of products from cloning tubes to starships. Lai Dai ships favor a balanced mix of ship systems, making them very versatile but also less powerful when it comes to specific tactics.

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