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The Krusual Tribe, led by tribal leader Tenerhaddi Dykonis, are sly, cunning and shrouding its ways in lies and secrecy. It was isolationist by nature, but lately they have been becoming more involved with the power politics of the Minmatar Republic, as they stake a claim for its mastery.

Racial Traits[edit | edit source]

The Krusual are tall, with brown skin. They keep their heads shaved at the sides, with only a narrow hairline running from their forehead to the back of their heads.

The Krusual tribe uses flowing, often geometric tattoo motifs, seldom cluttered, always orderly and pleasing the eye.

History[edit | edit source]

Ancient History[edit | edit source]

The Krusual tribe initially inhabited the mountainous region of the upper Tronhadar Valley on Matar. The other tribes regarded the Krusual as the most barbaric of them all, however that stemmed more from a lack of knowledge about the intricate culture of the secluded Krusual rather than being an actual fact.

The Amarr had real difficulties subduing the Krusual during their conquest of the Minmatar, as the tribe had mountain bases which was a thorn in the Amarr side.

Elder War[edit | edit source]

Most Krusual view the aftermath of the Elder War as an opportunity as well as a cause for celebration. With the help of the Elders, the Republic is now in a position to wield some real power, and the Krusual want to be a part of that.

Though many of them see through the tribal leaders’ rhetorics, they understand the situation for what it is. While they realize that the Minmatar Republic is by far no means invulnerable, they appreciate that now is a time for action. They wish to see the Republic integrate the other three tribes and to use that additional strength to expand their influence and territory while they have the chance.

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