The Khanid Rebellion, also known as the Khanid Secession, occurred in AD 23041 after Garkeh Khanid refusal to commit ritual suicide and split his estate from the Amarr Empire forming the Khanid Kingdom.

Amarr Succession[edit | edit source]

Garkeh Khanid believed he was considered the favorite to be elected Emperor but he lost to Heideran Kador. Being full of ambition and life, he decreed.

"I will not be ordered by some whimpering fool to destroy myself when my work is unfinished. You will not take anything from me, not my kingdom, not my people and least of all my life.".

Upon this declaration he seceded his estates and started the Khanid Rebellion.

Schism[edit | edit source]

Garkeh Khanid being the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Navy had the love of many within the military which followed him in the creation of the Khanid Kingdom. One being the Third Fleet having a history with the Khanid Family and was head by Grand Admiral Dakos Khanid, the younger brother of Garkeh. He was able to confiscate one of two titans of the Amarr Empire. The holders that followed Garkeh were either Amarr that upheld their loyalty to him, or were Khanid holders that owned the Khanid Family their loyalty.

Garkeh styled himself King Khanid II and his father Khanid I and thus created the Khanid Kingdom out of his domain. Following the revolt, King Khanid II was given a chance to explain himself to the Theology Council. In response, he sent the Council an inverted Imperial Seal in Khanid Family colors. The Theology Council interpreted this as meaning man's law is more important than God's law, and thus he directly challenge their own authority.

Though the rebellion took place, Emperor Heideren and the other great Holders response to stop him was unresponsive as they were focus more on strengthening their power than dealing with the rebels. When the Empire was ready to deal with the rebellion, the Khanid Kingdom was prepared and ready. The attempts to recapture the domain failed.

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