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The Kador Family symbolizes the grandeur of the Amarr Empire. The Family has had the most emperors elected in the past. To most Amarr, they stand for the strong, majestic empire. The Kador Family is currently headed by Uriam Kador.

History[edit | edit source]

Kadorites[edit | edit source]

The Kadorites, an opinion group reflicting that of the Kador Family's core interest, are the most vocal patriotic group. These people are strong advocates for the glory of the Empire. They have no particular uniting ideology beyond this, and no particular qualms or preferences about how to advance this goal. All they wish is to be on top. They'll follow the strongest leader and will abandon the previous leader once they find a better candidate. Although they're decently well-off, not particularly bothered about their slaves as long as their work gets done. The group generally is content with their situation in the hierarchical scheme.

Known Family Members[edit | edit source]

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