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The Jove Navy is universally revered and feared, considered the most powerful of all the five empires' fleets. Their duty is to protect and serve the Jovian Directorate. Though no one is quite sure how big the Jove Navy is, however due to the effects of the Jovian Disease, it can't be very large. But its reputation was earned in the Amarr-Jove War when it decimated a whole Amarrian armada in a single battle and shortly after won the war.

Engagements[edit | edit source]

Amarr-Jove War

Jove Ships[edit | edit source]

Name Class Tech Level
Apotheosis Shuttle 1
Enigma Frigate 1
Specter Frigate 1
Wraith Frigate 1
Sunesis Destroyer 1
Phantom Cruiser 1
Praxis Battleship 1
Yoiul Cruiser 1
Gnosis Battlecruiser 1
Eidolon Batteship 1
Visitant Industrial 5
Jovian Mothership Titan 1
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