An Explorer and Trader. Being new in this New Eden searching for a great opportunity.

About Jinter Max Edit

Name : Jinter Max

Jinter Max
Allegiance None
Corporation Alathi Free Union

Race: Gallente

Bloodline :Intaki

Ancestry : Reborn

School: Federal Navy Academy

Occupation : Trading,Freelancer


Federal Navy Academy: 2019/03/19 to 2019/05/30

PhantomRebels: 2019/05/30 to 2019/06/14

Black Watch Interstellar:2019/06/14 to 2019/09/15

Wormhole Roamers (Closed)  2019/09/15 to 2019/12/01

TerraNovae 2019/12/01 to 2019/12/17

Alathi Free Union 2019/12/17 to this day

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