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The nation of Jin-Mei originate from the Lirsautton System and are the latest addition to the Gallente Federation.

Politics[edit | edit source]

It is presumed that Jin-Mei society is governed by the Sang Do within their space and has a representative body to the Gallente Federation. In Federation poltics they tend to support the Hawks, pro-military stance, or the Vultures, group that wants to gain money or power within the Federation.

Racial Traits[edit | edit source]

The Jin-Mei male are generally carefree and good-humored about all things except his class status, which is of critical importance to his personal well being. Favoring security and stability, Jin-Mei men tend to harbor an aversion to change, unless it guarantees an advancement in his social standing.

Jin-Mei females tend to be risk-takers compared to their male counterparts, especially where it concerns advancing their social standing. Keenly receptive to changes with cultural ramifications, Jin-Mei females were the largest supporters of lowering the social barriers to spaceflight.

Caste[edit | edit source]

The Jin-Mei society has been decided by caste for centuries. The recent integration with the Gallente Federation has made slight modifications to modernize and adapt their society with the world.

Sang Do Caste[edit | edit source]

The Sang Do ("lord") caste is the ruling class in Jin-Mei society. To their credit, they tend to rule with a benevolent and charitable hand, unlike many other societies with a similar caste hierarchy. With inspiring demeanors and insightful natures, they have a distinct talent for winning loyalty from within their dominion.

Saan Go Caste[edit | edit source]

The Saan Go ("standing high") are the "upper-middle class" within the social hierarchy of the Jin-Mei. They are most commonly employed as governmental officials and corporate directors. Resilient and amiable, they are generally well-educated and practical thinkers.

Jing Ko Caste[edit | edit source]

The Jing Ko ("good spirit") are composed of both middle and lower classes in Jin-Mei society. While the majority of this caste are in obscurity, a few talented ones managed to rise. These driven, highly disciplined individuals usually attach themselves to a Saan Go or perhaps even a Sang Do patron, a relationship that can pave the way for their continued advancement.

History[edit | edit source]

The Jin-Mei took to the stars comparatively late, as it took generations for them to transform their rigorous caste system. Before this change, many qualified individuals were excluded from consideration for purely class-based reasons. They voluntarily joined the Federation shortly before the Gallenteans made contact with the Amarr Empire. Though despite being at odds with the libertarian culture of the Gallente, the caste system has not been completely eliminated, nor is it likely to be further discouraged by the Federation government due to its cultural implications.

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