Jaspet Asteroid

Jaspet has many mineral types, making it easy to sell. It has a large portion of Mexallon plus some Tritanium, Pyerite, Nocxium and Zydrine. It needs 500 ore units to refine. Jaspet has a volume of 2.0m3

There are two variants:

Pure JaspetEdit

Pure Jaspet is popular amongst corporate miners who are looking for various minerals for manufacturing, rather than mining purely for profit.

Pristine JaspetEdit

Pristine Jaspet is very rare, which is not so surprising when one considers that it is formed when asteroids collide with comets or ice moons. It has 10% better yield than normal Jaspet.



Jaspet Crystal

Using Jaspet mining crystals requires the following skills:
Icon06 01 Jaspet Processing III
Spacer Icon06 01 Refinery Efficiency V
Spacer Spacer Spacer Icon06 01 Industry I
Spacer Icon06 01 Science IV
Icon06 01 Mining I

Using Tech II Jaspet mining crystals requires the following additional skills:
Icon06 01 Jaspet Processing IV


The below amounts are on a per-unit basis.

Icon06 14 Tritanium 259
Icon06 15 Pyerite 437
Icon06 12 Mexallon 518
Icon11 09 Nocxium 259
Icon11 11 Zydrine 8
Pure Jaspet
Icon06 14 Tritanium 272
Icon06 15 Pyerite 459
Icon06 12 Mexallon 544
Icon11 09 Nocxium 272
Icon11 11 Zydrine 8
Pristine Jaspet
Icon06 14 Tritanium 285
Icon06 15 Pyerite 481
Icon06 12 Mexallon 570
Icon11 09 Nocxium 285
Icon11 11 Zydrine 9


Processed Minerals and Unprocessed Ores


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