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The Intaki are a major race within the Gallente Federation and one of its four founding members along with the Gallente, the Mannar and the Caldari. Their homeworld is the fifth planet of the Intaki solar system, in the Viriette constellation of the Placid region.

Joining the Federation immediately after its founding, the Intaki remain one of the largest ethnicities of the nation. Exceedingly gifted communicators, the Intaki are today very prominent among the Federal bureaucracy. Though Gallente culture has permeated their society to some extent, they still cling to their cultural identities and beliefs, most notably their unusual theories regarding the human life cycle—in particular, death and rebirth. These theories give them a unique outlook on life and the living, and many attribute the Intaki's stoic nature to this philosophy.

Because of political turmoil during the First Gallente-Caldari War, a number of Intaki were forced out of the Federation, eventually forming what is now the Intaki Syndicate.


In Intaki space, the Intaki are governed by the Intaki Assembly which is largely at Intaki Prime. Many Intakis in the Federation politics support the Dove, a peaceful voters bloc that supports non-violence and peaceful solutions to problems. Since the occupation of Intaki Prime and Intaki systems by the Caldari, many Intakis are divided whether to continue support of the Federation, join the Caldari State, or became an independent state.

Racial Traits[]

The Intaki male is methodical and reserved which is never outspoken or confrontational. He generally enjoys quiet reflection, and Intaki homes are traditionally places of peace and tranquility. The typical Intaki has absolute control over his emotions and is able to remain calm even under the most trying circumstances.

Intaki females are quiet and contemplative, moving through the world seemingly without making a ripple. Yet their contemplative manner often embraces great beauty through both physical and literary arts. A great number of the universe's most notable contemporary artists are female Intaki.



It is widely believed that the introvert Intaki create the most stunning and thought-provoking art around. They've revolutionized many art-forms and created new, such as metapaints and touch sculpture. Intaki artists seem to have a unique ability to create and convey unparalleled beauty that is universal for all races.


Since their inauguration into the Federation, the Intaki have slowly established a reputation of being superb diplomats, negotiators, and bureaucrats. In the tense and often violent world of New Eden these qualities can be of vital importance.


Although persons in risky positions (such as starship captains) use clones, the general Intaki public refrains from using them. Instead they have a unique method for transferring the personality of a dying person into a newborn baby. Steeped in tradition and perfected with technology, the Reborn process is the ideal Intaki vision of 'afterlife'.