A Improved Cloaking device based on the Crielere Labs prototype. It performes better and allows for faster movement.

Improved 'Guise' Cloaking Device II
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Cloaking devices allow the users ship to appear invisible to sensors and the naked eye. Cloaking devices have serious drawbacks for ships not specialized in this technology.
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Mass: 0 kg
Icon02 09.png
Volume: 100 m3 packaged
Icon07 12.png
Base Price: 1,130,360 ISK
Icon22 13.png
Maximum Velocity Penalty: 0.25%
Icon07 15.png
Meta Level: 6
Icon07 15.png
Reactivation Delay: 30,000 ms
Icon03 09.png
Scan Resolution Bonus: 0.65%
Icon07 15.png
Sensor Recalibration Time: 19,000 sec
Icon09 16.png
Tech Level: 2
Icon12 07.png
CPU: 51 tf
Icon22 08.png
Powergrid: 1 MW
Icon08 11.png
Slot Type: High
Required Skills
Primary Skill Required
Icon06 01.png Cloaking III
Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Electronics V
Material / Mineral
Icon06 16.png Isogen: 414
Icon11 10.png Megacyte: 15
Icon06 12.png Mexallon: 700
Icon35 02.png Morphite: 20
Icon11 09.png Nocxium: 154
Icon06 15.png Pyerite: 5,718
Icon06 14.png Tritanium: 14,628
Icon11 11.png Zydrine: 60
Module Class
Icon35 12.png Cloaking Devices
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