Hyasyoda Corporation is a megacorporation in the Caldari State. It is one of the oldest of the Caldari mega corporations, having been formed shortly after first contact with the Gallente when the Caldari were still in the Industrial Age. It's conservative and cautious, but adheres to the old saying: 'Only the paranoid survive.'

Organization[edit | edit source]

The corporation is still largely controlled by the Osmon family that founded it, though much of its stock has been sold off over the corporation’s long history. Perhaps as a result of this history, Hyasyoda’s corporate culture is just as conservative as its business strategies, with a strong leaning toward old school corporatism and established tradition. The amount of social pressure on Hyasyoda employees to “fit in” is extremely high, even for the Caldari State, where such pressure is part of daily life.

Hyasyoda focuses on bread-and-butter industries such as agriculture, mining, and consumer products. Its operations are largely contained to the State itself, although it has partnerships with foreign companies to market many of its products in foreign territories.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Hyasyoda is extremely distrustful of the other megacorporations, the exception being Ishukone, their longtime ally and part of the same power bloc the Liberals; the corporation is also wary of any hint of centralized State authority. As a result, Hyasyoda has been one of the strongest critics of the Caldari Providence Directorate, despite joining it voluntarily shortly before the Caldari Prime invasion, and has led opposition to the Executor in the Chief Executive Panel.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Corporate Police Force is the police and security arm of the Hyasyoda megacorporation

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