Hobgoblin 2
The Hobgoblin II is the main tech two scout drone for the gallente race. this drone is quite slow but can dish out a lot of damage

Hobgoblin II[1]

Light Scout Drone

Shieldshield capacity 67shield em damage resistance 1shield explosive damage resistance 0.4shield kinetic damage resistance 0.6shield thermal damage resistance 0.8shield recharge time 250000 Armorarmor hitpoints 144armor em damage resistance 0.4armor explosive damage resistance 0.9armor kinetic damage resistance 0.75armor thermal damage resistance 0.55 Structurecapacity 1200 m³mass 3000 kgvolume 5 m³ packagedstructure hitpoints 355max velocity 3360inertia modifier 100 Capacitorrecharge time 2500000capacitor capacity 1 Targetingmax locked targets 8radar sensor strength 7.5ladar sensor strength 7.5magnetometric sensor strength 7.5gravimetric sensor strength 7.5signature radius 25 Miscellaneousrate of fire 4000optimal range 1000damage modifier 1.92thermal damage 15activation proximity 1000accuracy falloff 2000trackingspeed / accuracy 2.178tech level 2orbit velocity 660signature resolution 25meta level 5bandwidth needed 5base price z 35,268.00 google_protectAndRun("ads_core.google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad);BlueprintHobgoblin II BlueprintRequired skillsPrimary Skill requiredScout Drone Operation VDrones ISecondary Skill requiredGallente Drone Specialization IDrones VTertiary Skill requiredDrones IMaterial RequirementsMaterial/Mineral[2]Morphite 1Skill/Industry[3]Industry 5 LevelSkill/Science[4]Electronic Engineering 1 Level[5]Mechanical Engineering 1 LevelCommodity/Tool[6]R.A.M.- Robotics 1Commodity/General[7]Robotics 1[8]Guidance System 1Commodity/Construction Components[9]Particle Accelerator Unit 1Drone/Combat Drone[10]Hobgoblin I 1ReprocessingMaterial/Mineral[11]Tritanium 458[12]Pyerite 6[13]Isogen 4[14]Nocxium 2[15]Morphite 1