The Highway is a system of long-distance Jumpgates added to the core Empire Regions around a year ago, in a bid to stimulate inter-region trade and travel.

Prior to its introduction, travel from one side of Empire to the other would be a matter of five or more hours of autopilot and 50 or more jumps. Now, no Empire system is much more than ten jumps from any other.

The highway is visible on the universe map as a series of long purple lines radiating out from the core systems of Yulai and Kemerk, in all directions. Naturally, this has made Yulai in particular a central hub for player trading and escrow, and one of the busiest star systems in game.

Many players believe the introduction of these new lanes has a detrimental effect on regional diversity and markets, causing all the distinct regions of the Empire systems to merge into one and made the EVE Universe a much smaller place, but on the whole the network has been well recieved.