Hedbergite Asteroid Visual

Hedbergite Asteroid

Hedbergite is sought after for its high concentration of Isogen, although the high portion size needed for refining makes it a bit less attractive. It also yields Nocxium and Zydrine. 500 ore units are needed to refine it.

There are two variants:

Vitric Hedbergite[edit | edit source]

When asteroids containing Hedbergite pass close to suns or other sources of intense heat can cause the Hedbergite to glassify. The result is called Vitric Hedbergite and has 5% better yield than normal Hedbergite.

Glazed Hedbergite[edit | edit source]

Asteroids containing formed in intense heat, such as a result Supernovas, often have a more concentrated form of Hedbergite known as Glazed Hedbergite that has 10% higher yield than normal Hedbergite.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Hedbergite Crystal

Using Hedbergite mining crystals requires the following skills:
Icon06 01.png Hedbergite Processing III
Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Refinery Efficiency IV
Spacer.png Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Refining V
Spacer.png Spacer.png Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Industry I
Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Metallurgy III
Spacer.png Spacer.png Icon06 01.png Science IV
Icon06 01.png Mining I

Using Tech II Hedbergite mining crystals requires the following additional skills:
Icon06 01.png Hedbergite Processing IV

Refining[edit | edit source]

The below amounts are on a per-unit basis.

Icon06 16.png Isogen 708
Icon11 09.png Nocxium 354
Icon11 11.png Zydrine 32
Vitric Hedbergite
Icon06 16.png Isogen 743
Icon11 09.png Nocxium 372
Icon11 11.png Zydrine 34
Glazed Hedbergite
Icon06 16.png Isogen 779
Icon11 09.png Nocxium 389
Icon11 11.png Zydrine 35

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