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The Guristas Pirates is a pirate faction which are a constant thorn in the side of the Caldari State.


The Guristas Pirates are traditional pirates in the sense that their operation is not based around some creed or ideology, but a plain and simple greed. The Guristas have bases close to Caldari space where they commit raids, often on the State itself.

The Guristas are considered more honorable than many of their counterparts. Unlike other rogue and pirate factions, the Guristas focus primarily on old-fashioned piracy. Although they're not afraid of making surgical raids deep into Caldari space if they think it will achieve something worthwhile.

The Guristas Pirates tend to operate the frigate-class Worm, the cruiser-class Gila and the battleship-class Rattlesnake.


The Guristas Pirates started by two former members of the Caldari Navy and since then have committed terrible acts and raids on the Caldari State.


The Guristas Pirates were founded by the charismatic Fatal and technically-minded Rabbit, the Guristas Pirates are a professional and highly-organized outfit operating out of their home region, Venal.

Second Caldari-Gallente War[]

The Guristas are paying a very active and often practical interest in Empire politics. The one operation, during the Caldari invasion, that attracted news coverage turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it ended up deflecting attention from the other incursions made within the same time frame.

Many Gurista captains wonder how exactly the Rabbit knew to have all their ships conveniently positioned to make a synchronized strike on such short notice, but with half-knowing smiles on their faces. The near future promises to be an interesting and profittable time for the Guristas Pirates. Despite the problems caused by the renewed militancy of the State, they're still confident they can turn events to their advantage.


For business, the Guristas often take over ruins in deadspace pockets. They create civilian-staffed mining colonies that they protect with their fleets and defense turrets. The Guristas are apparently willing to pay anyone for revenge against capsuleers and others who destroy any civilian mining colonies under their protection.

The Guristas, also, control a notable share of the “grey market” smuggling of competing products into megacorporate enclaves in the Caldari State. They also run one of the largest illegal currency exchanges of Caldari corporate scrip.

Guristas Production[]

Guristas Production is a recent addition to the Guristas Pirates, responsible for maintaining the cartel's fleets and stations. It is also believed to be engaged in several top secret research projects, mostly in the missile field.

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